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No-profit website with free news on 18 topics, with more coming. What lasts is dedicated to C, C++, with some hikes in PHP, SQL and shell. This lab has developed code for DLL and device driver since 1992. Availability for dll, drv, VxD and ocx. Projects for Unix, Linux, Posix compliant. Custom networks (see: Services).
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Low Cost, Affordable
Web Works & SEO
  • Web Project
  • Web Design
  • e-Commerce
Low Cost, Cheap
On Site Intervention
  • Building Custom Firewalls
  • Data Restore from Crash
  • Istallation and Setup of Firewall & Antivirus
  • Disinfection from Virus, Trojan, Spyware, Backdoor, Keylogger, Rootkit, Bootkit
  • Low Affordable Fees
  • Max 25 mls. from Salt Lake City, Ut, downtown
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Stemma Taranto
Cheap, Low Cost, Affordable, Reliable Software Development
Rock Solid Custom Solutions for
Small Business & Professionals*
Software Development Help Services
  • Custom C, C++ Programs
  • PHP, mySQL & Perl Programs
  • Custom C, C++ DLL
  • Translations:
    like from Perl to C++
  • Low Affordable Fees
  • Security: Total Shield Your Networks
  • Back Up Your Vital Data From
    Home/Office with Just-a-Click
  • Network Analysis and Project
  • Custom Built Firewalls
  • Personalized Configurations
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