Bastard Operator From Hell daily excuse

Old inkjet cartridges emanate barium-based fumes
Someone let domain expired
Apparently we lost all the site' pages
We are considering what to write in here
Pix of naked girls could attract users
But we are not inclined to do so
We are not inclined at all
We show the difference ;-p
Ilegitimi Non Carborundum
Please do NOT share porn on this network.
- If you do so, we will come after YOU.
- For sharing pr0n: minimum 1 month ban.
- Extensible for your convenience
   up to 3-6 months, for free.
- Do not share copyrighted files either!

We trying to be decent people in here.

Subsiste Sermonem Statim

Thank you,

-- the Staph

Any communication to the Staph
  • if you need help
  • if you wanna link to us
  • if you feel you been wrongly banned

write to:
thenet network email address is thenet-0 at brionews dot com
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Opennap NG 0.60 - Downloads

Opennap Manual

Just the manuals

if you wanna run an opennap server
here are the executables.

Win32 binary

  1. First install with this installer
    OpennapNG 0.60 pre2 setup
  2. then copy this patch into the installation folder
    OpennapNG 0.60 pre3

*nix version

*nix v. 0.49.1

OpenNap Clients Download

Opennap Clients List
TheNet Server List
Server Port Owner Status 8877 briosky Active 6436 Trunks Active 7575 neurodisney Active 8888 Trunks Active


Honor and Glory
to drscholl

TheNet logo
If you are desperately looking for something to read there is always our stats page
[gro-GRO] cheers

Opennap Clients Downloads

Teknap 1.3
Napster v.2.b7
SunshineUN 4.1-2
Sunshine 4.1-2 patch
Lopster 1.2.2 (WinLop)

Humor found
around on the Internet

collected through time

sysAdmin life



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Thank you OpenBSD
OpenBSD songs

punch through TCP/IP