All those nice numbers in the upper-right corner come from coolmon.exe (Cool Monitor 1), a very nice freeware. Now they reached a more mature version with CM2. Site:
The 1st section is properly CM1, while in the 2nd sect. CM1 takes the data through a DLL from MBM5 (motherBoardMonitor) site:
The most important section is the 3rd one. I have modified/rewritten a script for teknap, that every 100 secs sends the tek command: /ad st
and redirects the result to a file. Then the file comes read by CM1 and pumped on the screen ;p

In this order, the data show: local users, net users, no. of shared files, average file/user, no. of shared GB., average shared GB/users, search/sec, traffic in and out, b/w occupied, uptime.

The same stats are pumped also in pure html-css to this file.