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2004.08.13 Oh, finally. The design of this site was so old it was growing some webs, it really needed a restyling. Now it should be more browsable. Anyway let me know the odds you found.
More news coming soon, like links to my friends' websites, and other stuff. Maybe some poll. I'll see about that.

Finally the summer semester is over, really stressing. Should I be born again, I would never take again 5 classes in summer. No way. Hopefully on next December I am done, then Weber State University (WSU) for my BS (that - according to my Sociology instructor - means BullShit).

Few hours ago I checked one of the servers on the college (Salt Lake Community College) and gladly found the first score: a gorgeous 'A' in the C++ class.

Now it's 11:32 pm and my mind goes to my friends in Florida who are really experiencing the hell. But they are tough guys, no phear @all. Perhaps I might call later, if only I had their phone number.

Tomorrow Charley will touch the Carolinas and on Sunday morning should die around New York. LOL this begins to look like a weather channel. Well, good luck Florida.

Among the other things, on the left side many links don't work ;=))
...but coming soon eh ;p
oh yes and I must reduce the font size below
2004.08.20 Pretty tired. I am supposed to be on holiday, the summer break thing.
Changed the right side links bar, put on one column; then taken the decision to do the rollover menu. They really look great, but alot of sweat required.
All the previous homepages will be soon online.
Thanks to Steve for writing the first entry in the guestbook (after mine). Yo-yo we are official now, squaaack ;-p
2004.08.22 CSS, CSS ! Why didn't I do the plumber?
Ok finally fixed the border between the div's, it quitted dancing.
Another hard working weekend.
2004.08.23 Holidays are over! In 2 days, on Wednesday the 25th back @school ;((
Started writing inner pages.
2004.08.24 There is an odd in the UL. If one of the items is a link, and if the link is more than one word, the browser applies a CR/LF.
2004.08.25 Fall semester began, ok. No big deal. However I am grateful it's my last one.
Unfortunately some thing happened between my first study plan (March 2003) and today. It's not clear whose's fault: if WeberSU increased pre-requisites, or some one messed up at Advisors' Office, or both.
What I only know I have to bear with 6 full classes, that means 18 credit hours, plus another class through a computerized test.
Doing some math I noticed at least 4 classes I have a score smaller than what I was worth. Is it worth to protest? In this country (but also in other places) often people answer with the first thing they think. Showing carelessness.
Also to consider, for what I have seen, a large part of Americans look devoted to capitalism: money and power it's all what they worship. May Our Lord forgive them.
This morning I took the bus at 6:40 AM. First class at 7. Now it's 10:45 PM. - BRB.
2004.08.26 I am thankful this week is over. Usual stress at the college. 2 books - only 2 - have a cost of $250: this is a shame!
In a short I will activate some links to download free programming manuals and other stuff: stay tuned.
2004.09.01 By the next weekend I hope to have time to add at least the C++' manuals downloading section.
First reports around the world about SP2 bring in bad news about several compatibility issues. I guess it is rethorical to ask how, with so many engineers, M$ sucks.
Last one's been a bad week, bad toothache. Inflammation and swollen gum, by Sunday I had extraction. Gum still hurts.
2004.09.05 End of the broadcast. College homework requires all my time. Will restart Asap.
2004.12.16 Finally I graduated, GPA 3.47. Now I hold a AS in CIS degree. ...At least good to decorate the bathroom ;-p
2004.12.18 Tomorrow I leave, headed to Italy. I really need couple weeks of holidays.
Laptop is broken ;(( No email, no chat, no comm: darkness. C U on Jan 10th. Merry Xmas + Happy New Year.
2005.01.08 Back ok. Italian food hhmm is gorgeus, very yummy.
2005.01.14 The problem with the laptop is a small transformer that costs $5. I cannot find a eletronic lab to fix that. The crappy side is that transformer is on the LCD screen inverter, that of course costs a lot. The cheapest I found online is $99 + S.& H. - Not to mention the people at the laptop lab want $300 !!! I'll try to find a used one and change by myself.
2005.02.10 The working permit from Immigration finally arrived. Looking for a job.
2005.03.10 No job.
2005.04.10 No job yet :-(
2005.05.10 Still no job. I don't have a network here, my church brethern don't look that effective.
2005.05.15 In these latter months I did everything is required to get a job. I wonder why I am still unemployed
2005.05.20 A bunch of free time. Begun to remodel this web site.
2005.06.11 No job yet :-S
2005.10.04 It appears the Summer is over. Thankfully we have had a very warm September, temperatures ranged from a 27 - 29 C (sometimes with peaks at 30 - 32C) in the day, to a minimum of 17 - 19C in the night for most part of the month, while into the last two weeks a further low around 13 - 15 C.
Last Saturday Oct. 1st in the early afternoon it was a gorgeous 30C, on Sunday morning it was just 6 - 8 C, a huge leap of 23 C in just few hours !
Today Tue. 4th it dropped furtherly to 1 C.
And it's raining too. On the mountains it appears it's snowing, I may be surer when the clouds will go away.
No job yet 8-S