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For those in the area, vaccinations and assorted shots are available at the Convention Center.
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Sticky Footage: here
Aftermath: ASP OR MPG | Living in Flooded New Orleans | Search and Rescue in the 9th Ward | WLBT
Sticky New Orleans Web Cams (some could be off)

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Hurricane Katrina & Rita
2005.10.02 My notes and posts end here.
I've been online 30 days no-stop, since September 2nd when I posted the first links versus the online scams. Then I collected every possible link that could be useful to both the NOLA citizens and relief.
Often I slept just 3-4 hours/day, eating sandwiches and orange-juice. I simply hope this job might have helped some one.

These are the last links I post:
Getting the Trash Out. October 1, 2005
Uptown and Canal Street on September 27, 2005
I10 Finally Open, September 28, 2005
Few Return to the City on September 30, 2005

For fresh further info, please refer to
2005.09.28 New pics: Poydras | Shane's
2005.09.27 More pics: 1 | 2
2005.09.26 FEMA has an excellent article on how to clean out mold
Mixed pics: here
2005.09.25 Rita damage: 1 | 2 office pics
2005.09.24 Rita preparation and Katrina damage: here
2005.09.23 Rita preparation and Katrina damage: 1 | 2
2005.09.21 New pics: here
2005.09.15 More pics of the catastrophe: 1 | 2
2005.09.11 New Pics : here
2005.09.10 Appeal

List of Trapped Survivors who need help, with name & address
2005.09.09 Info

Hurricane Katrina Survivors that need to be found, can register on this database that family and friends can browse
2005.09.08 Appeal

Help Officials to Locate Survivors URGENT ASSISTANCE NEEDED
2005.09.06 New Pics : here
2005.09.05 More Pics : 1 | 2
2005.09.04 Appeal - DirectNIC needs your help!

They need a temporary place for their team of 55 people.
Send email to noah at
2005.09.03 The First Photos

Looters in action and more: 1 | 2
2005.09.02 Please Be Aware of Hurricane Scams:
NOLA' Intel Warning | Science Daily' Warning | Charity Navigator

Official Helps: Red Cross: 1-800-HELP-NOW to Donate

1-800-GIVE-LIFE to Donate Blood

Red Cross | Salvation Army
Last update: 2005.10.02