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Programming Fresh News

C / C++
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  • How I Came to Write D
    Walter Bright recounts how he came to write D The path that led Walter Bright to write a language, now among the t ...
  • LtU now supports Mathjax
    LtU now supports MathJax, which allows the use of TeX markup in posts and comments. Note that only TeX/LaTeX marku ...
  • The broad ML Family workshop
    It is not generally proper to post call-for-papers on LtU. Exceptions have been made, for broad workshops likely to ...
Opensource Dev
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  • The P in P2P is People
    When Groove launched somebody asked me to explain why it was an important example of peer-to-peer technology. I sai ...
  • Shiny old things
    We’ve lived in New England for 25 years. It’s been a great place to raise a family but that’s don ...
  • The next thing
    The Elm City project was my passion and my job for quite some time. It’s still my passion but no longer my jo ...
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PHP & More
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  • Using PHP Configuration Patterns Properly
    There are several ways to make a PHP application configurable. There are also ideal configuration points which are ...
  • Processing JSON in PHP
    how to parse and serialize a JSON object, how to extract data from a database as a JSON string, how to store a JSON ...
  • Advanced Debugging in PHP
    Debugging is one of the most important and significant part of software development. Finding bugs and errors in any ...
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  • ADOdb 5.12 Released
    After a long pause, a new version. Having young children and a busy work schedule has been keeping me too occupied. ...
  • Moving to PHP 5.3
    Now that PHP 5.2 is at the end of life, we are starting to migrate to PHP 5.3. Here are some of my experiences wit ...
  • The fine art of application virtualization
    The new 8-core Intel Xeon 7550 processors are extremely powerful and a good platform for virtualised applications. ...
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  • Who Would Steal a Honda Odyssey?
    I got up this morning to take my son to school and our minivan was missing from the driveway. It had been stolen. I ...
  • Ghost of Computer Author Past
    You could tell a lot about an author or conference speaker by tracking the changes made to that person's short bio ...
  • Interview with Zoe Zolbrod
    A version of this post originally appeared in the May 2013 mailing of the Capa-Alpha APA.During the early '90s when ...
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Basics for LAMP
Mini FAQ
  1. I don't have a firewall
  2. I don't have a domain in the DNS
  3. When I start phpMyAdmin I get: ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost'
  4. I get "Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost'" when I try to access MySQL server on a host which is port forwarded from localhost
(Hopefully) Useful Links
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