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Warning: many of the C++ programs written for consolle mode, have been compiled with the Borland CBuilderX and actually USE the Borland conio.h extensions.
If you don't use the Borland compiler, you have to adapt the code to your compiler.
  • These stubs of code are almost all mid-term or final papers.
  • Don't use this code to cheat !
  • They have been written in my days at school - the Salt Lake Community College - in 5 semesters: between Summer 2003 and Fall 2004 - 5 semesters, 27 classes, of Blood, Sweat & Tears to get just an Associate of Science in Computer Information System (C.I.S.) degree - (..which, however, is better than to get a ticket for speed, I guess..) - Frankly instead of college, I would rather spend the cold season in Arizona, growing my basil.
  • On Spring 2006 (today Aug. 2005) will begin at Weber State U. for the Bachelor in, guess what, Computer Science.
  • The code not belonging to the school age is derived from personal needing.
  • When I have spare time I will add more pages, the code in here represents about 5% of what I have written.
  • Many programs require cleaning, and possibly there is some bug.
  • All the code here is released under GPL - Enjoy !

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