With this page I am pleased to give huge thanks to all my friends; to all the dudez, the chicks and the kids who chat with me, who have spent their time with me. For hanging out and having chill, all the people who are with me in this long time far from Italy, the people who have seen me happy or sad, hungry or angry, thirsty or sleepy, fun or boring, 1337 or n00b. Who helped me and who argued with me, the geek and the wannabe, the cheerful and the crappy.
This page is also dedicated (in random order) to:

my friends Those of the Night (sarebbe Quelli della Notte, un omaggio ad Arbore)

marleen marijke
A very very special thank goes to magicalLifeStyle for her joy and for the tons of laughs. Dear: may your dreams become true - Nijmegen, Holland And of course to her mom Marijke that's driven crazy by "all these windows". A special thank for her solid sense of reality - Nijmegen, Holland
sara boombaster
Toffee - Milan, I boombaster - Milan, I
giudi nemesys
Guess who - Cagliari, Italy How don't miss her? ^Nemesys^ - Naples, Italy
mirko, milano tattoo
Mirko in all his beauty :p - Milan, Italy Mirko's arm tattoo
colibri ghei gabriele basile
ColibriXP - one of the few on this planet who can call me at 2am and survive - Sanremo, Italy - (BTW this pic is sooo ghei) gabrioTA, an other crazy guy who chats with me -- West Jordan, Utah
Thanks to mach3 for this photo... Pisa, I
If you wanna add your picture here, send me it at: my email address
This list covers a time span since Napster times hmm I'd say 1997 to today

Thanks to (in random order):

ZzZzzZz • webweb • vicky • AMon (gentiluomo del sud all'antica) • monita (suca) • yena (fetekia) • moki (la suina) • Lucidnimf • 458643 • old_ham • TNT-Tony • sdd[0-6] • thenetter • onbanti • Trunks • kuje • talpo (diego... wtf dude) • SuperMarcella • ^Toffee^ • Zoe1981 • cenerina • skiach@adidas • marijke • marleen • boombaster • fizban • mach3 • Akiraorijhama (il ghei in pigiama) • anja • YOPrincess • ^Mystic_Karma^ • Hyper • ^SunShine^ • warwalker • quasina • Uorghz • pi • Amazzone • xr2003 • steve • kevin • robertoBR • nemesys • steve & hitomi • Snowtura • ^Kim_Thayl^ • ^Sporting^ • ^Lara_Croft^ • JesusXP • MoonRaker • _L@dy_ • babyhippie • benzmobile22 • aitaw_80 • chissasemipensi • daninni • vittoria • musa_inspiratrice • angeloromanista • Sirio • ___frsgh___ • dagleader • Yojimbo • THE_KING • BaronevonFlock • Lord • satomma • _abadonn_ • tidus • yvonne • lorisfunk • chinasky • aricaduta • piaggesi • janisblue • fluimucil
and last but not the least, MaYa, and those who donated so much to the italian fun: felix966 e momo
If I forgot someone plz dont blame me: ya guyz are too many ;p

Thank you my friends, thank you with

all my heart


And remember:

Don't let the blue smoke rise from ur boards