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PC Help - Alpha version [work-in-progress]

This is a work-in-progress, apologies for any discomfort. This section is an attempt to share few basic advices with the average user: for an healthy PC; for a safe navigation on the Internet; for a safe email experience, and how to avoid common traps. - Being a work in progress, new topics will be added when time allows it. Also on user suggestion so use the email below. And consult often this page.
  1. DO-NOT in Email
  2. DO-NOT in Install
  3. DO-NOT in Search
  4. DO-NOT in Trust
  5. Quick Defense - Freeware
  6. Utilities - Freeware
  7. Glossary
  8. Our Services
A Short List of Survival Papers
  1. 10 Computer Threats You Didn't Know About
  2. The Ever Lasting Cookies
  3. How Websites Use Your Browser to Sell You for Cash
  4. Home Network Security [from your friends at NSA]
If you have any question about either daily generic computer use; or how to properly save / backup your precious photos and mp3; or how to use the or home networking and security; or any other question, even programming and sysadmin, feel free to write me. Please allow couple days for a reply.

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