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Short History of This Site Updates
1993.09.28 I am writing this 12 years later, before memories are gone. Luckly I had a list of dates with the major changes made on this website, before it became offcial.
-1993: The Web is just born. The Mosaic browser rules. My website - that then was made by just one page: the home - was born as storage of my first collection of links.
Yes, I know what bookmarks mean, but I feel more confortable this way, using the homepage as a placeholder for 6-7 menus that contain my most used links. It's called: informations at your fingertips.
For internal office use. ASAP I'll post the images how the homepage looked at the beginning (...really weird :p )
1994.04.05 It is not that I post every date I make little changes. A post means some solid changes.
Here I had added several useful links, plus some minor graphic changes.
The homepage remained basically the same for some years.
1994.10.01 More several links added. Enough to change the contents.
In the meantime I was commissioned my first website by a customer.
1997.03.07 Nothing of important happened for almost 3 years.
In some spare time I decided that the site graphic was obsolete, so I began to draw a new design.
Unfortunately, later - due to my job - I became short on free time, and the new design was never finished.
The major change is that the homepage now serves my intranet. When people still thought "intranet" was a typo.
My intranet was so composed:
1 AMD 333 Mhz
Win95, main box, C++ development, server
2 Cyrix 133 Mhz
32 MB
Red Hat v.5, server FTP
3 DX2 50Mhz
16 Mb
archive of the FTP server. DOS 6.0 and Win 3.1 - This box had a HD controller with a 80C188 with 4 MB of cache. Kinda fast.
One year later I upgraded Box1 to Win98 and Box2 to RedHat6
2003.10.28 In these 6 years I've been really busy. The homepage worked well enough, so there was no need to change anything. Over the fact that, from time to time, some new links were added.
Also few links were added for internal admin.
2003.11.20 Major change is since several months I am in the USA and going back to school. My ISP is now Comcast, where a user can have till 7 websites. So I am using one of mine to post the homework for the college instructors.
Chosen company name: fastGraphiX.
Added few links here and there. Moved some elements.
2004.08.13 Begun a large restyling. Got rid of tables and frames, and brought everything under CSS.
2004.08.14-16 Fixed a CSS overlap, that's been really boring, almost 15 hrs. And added a couple of links for the Guestbook. The Guestbook is now working.
2004.08.17 Added a links bar on the right side. Overlaps again :S
2004.08.18 There is always that crappy overlap. One div over the other.
And that crappy IE cant see the links bar.
Fixed the right side links bar. Fixed the hover property on the links, with many thanks to f1Zb4n.
Added the Ftp and Telnet sections.
Actually is not planned compatibility with Windoze IExploder :p
2004.08.19 Worked on some minor stuff.
Restyled the logo, I am not satisfied yet.
Validated the code at W3C.
2004.08.22 Minor graphic changes.
2005.05.20 Starting a major remodeling. At the same time I am moving the site from being hosted by my ISP onto my server.
For this purpose I am testing some free webservers. Why not Apache? Because it refused to install, being on a XP Pro box, it asked for SP1.
On its side SP1 refused to install because it says this is a OS pirate copy. That's true. Because my legal copy of XP came with my laptop. When laptop broke down, I bought parts to self-assemble a desktop. I tried to install from the CD that came with the laptop, but something weird happened: Acer installation CD works only on their laptops :(
So... necessary evil.
2005.05.22 Installed and running Tiny Web Server. It's really tiny and compact. Delicious. Recommended.
Got rid of the javascript menu and brought everything under rollover menu. Wow it looks great. ...MS IExplorer obviously is not standard.
Changed company name from: fastGraphiX into : phatGraphiX
2005.05.26 The web server runs smooth but it doesn't look to have support for PHP scripting. Wandering again.
2005.05.28 Installed and running Abyss Web Server, Aprelium Technologies. It's free, of course, and does its job if you do not pretend that much. Good solid support for PHP (tested), Javascript (tested), Perl (not tested yet). Statistics, logging, virtual directories and much more. Highly Recommended.
2005.06.09 Installed Perl.
Tweaking around with RSS.
2005.06.10 Installed PHP. Finally got working the RSS feeder script in php, wrapped in javascript. Thanks to whoever they are.
2005.06.24 Bought a domain name, even better a Top Level Domain. Now switching from PhatGraphiX (once hosted on with free DNS from to: - That's where you are now.
I bought the TLD through for $9.96 for two years.
2005.06.25 You know what? Yahoo sucks. They are not registrar. They advertise TLD sale but do not say they attach a commercial banner at the end of your pages...
2005.06.26-30 I wrote to - back and forth, bla-bla-bla, of course they don't care, and answer on a completely different topic...
2005.07.01 Solved the yahoo problem. It's been enough to change the hosting of the name servers. Now it's hosted - for free - at, great people, I love them. No more yahoo clowns.
2005.07.05 I like that Abyss server but ...Houston, we got a problem: if one wants every month a different name for the log file, it's needed to change it manually, month after month ;(
2005.07.07 That Abyss server is great but I think I will install Apache. That means I have to contact M$, explain the problem with the Acer laptop installation CD, and get a new CD.
2005.07.28 In every page with the feeder script, got rid of javascript: now pure php!
Speed increment: 20-40 %. Even better if feeds are cached in magpie, then page load time < 2 sec.
2005.08.31 Basically this month of August's been spent adding several pages with different topics and hundreds of RSS feeds. More coming soon.
Plus some graphic fine tuning.
2005.09.02 Something of terrible's happened in Lousiana. This morning at around 02:20 AM - on the homepage I've opened a box to warn people against Hurricane Katrina online scams. A volunteer work.
2005.09.09 During last week I added some links to protect people from online scams. Obviously many fraudolent website popped out.
Added links to:
  • Officially authorized sites, like Red Cross and Salvation Army
  •, to their (scaring) pictures, to their appeal
  • to the live web cam
2005.09.16 Another week has passed since the catastrophe. Poor people, the stories I read online are really scaring.
However I've posted a bunch more links in the hurricane box.
Hope that might help.
2005.09.20 Improved the graphics on the homepage