My Resume

Name Vincenzo Maggio
within 25 mls.
Salt Lake City, UT
Salary Negotiable / $60k - $80k /year

Cover Letter | Resume: Long Version
Short version

Skills - Languages - Tools Papers Professional Experience
1990-2003 Private Consultant: Twelve years supplying solutions to Small Business and Professionals, including writing dozens of applications in C/C++ and dataBase to solve customers' problems.
1980-1994 Midrange and corporate computing:
- 4 years as SysAdmin on a IBM Sys/36 platform
- 4 years as SysAdmin on a Digital PDP-11 (DEC) platform

Education (2003-2007)
- Weber State University: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with emphasis in “Network & Security”
- Salt Lake Community College: Associate of Science in Computer Information System.

(very) partial portfolio (circa 10%) at: Code Menu'
All my website is written in PHP/mySQL, runs on Apache on Unix
My firewall/router/NAT/gateway is self-built on BSD
Long version

School Dates Grades
WSU May 2007 BS in CS
SLCC College Dec 2004 AS in CIS
University of
Bari, Italy
1991 just 1 semester
in Business
"Volere E' Potere" High School
Taranto, Italy
1990 Diploma as
IBM - Branch of
Bari, Italy
1989 Class for
S/3x SysAdmin
University of
Pisa, Italy
1975-76 4 semesters in Law
University of
Pisa, Italy
1974 2 semesters in
Electronic Engineering
"G. Battaglini"
Science High School
Taranto, Italy
1973 Diploma in Science

Job Experience
Dates Company Position
1990-2002 Personal own office Private Consultant
1989-1992 Maggio & Associates SysAdmin on a IBM Sys/36 network
1980-1982 Maggio & Associates SysAdmin on a DEC PDP-11 network

Languages known
strongly worked with: C, C++, RPG, ForTran
in some C C++ code,
mixed some:
x86 ASM
Good knowledge: PHP / mySQL
developed some simple
applications with:
half a dozen BASIC dialects,
some Pascal, the old DOS batch
known but not used: C#, Java
Learning: Perl, Python, Ruby on Rails

Best Applications
Dates Programs and/or Solutions
2001-2002 Faced and solved problems of networking and interconnection of Linux and Windows stations, with data exchange
1994-2002 Some small applications for customers, the most into databases' field
1994 Projected and developed a couple of web sites for customers
  • Project, research and development of a large application in Windows environment, with database interface, to input, update, store, backup and print the data of an Oculist’ studio with networked stations. Application developed with Borland tools. Inclusive of writing the User’ Manual. Application presented in Italy in two national Oculist' conventions. The application through the easy decompiling, translation and recompiling of a single DLL strings had the skill to be used in many languages. 1 index table + 16 depending tables, with control on 243 variables.
  • Written some minor graphic application like an interface in DOS to explore and painting on screen the Mandelbrot’ fractals
  • Some graphic engines for screensavers
  • Started writing in C/C++ the socalled *.DLL (Dynamic Link Libraries) in Windows environments (3.0, 3.1, WfW);
  • Written a driver in C on serial ports to rescue a customer' old serial printer;
1991 Faced and solved problems of InterProcess Communication (IPC) in Windows environment between dB III databases (built and maintened w/ Borland tools) and Excel graphs;
1990 Research and development of interconnecting Windows’ stations with an IBM Sys/36 system for data exchange in emulation 3270 and/or 5250

More Detailed Info

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