C C++ PHP SQL Programs - Apache Unix BSD OpenBSD

Programming / Development Services On Site Intervention
  • Unix Programs, including sockets, in C C++
  • Also PHP, and mySQL
  • Custom DLL (in C C++) for Windows
  • Any project for custom LAN
  • Custom projects for dll, drv, VxD and ocx
  • Any *nix environments + Posix compliant
  • Security: Total Shield Your Networks
  • Backup Hosting: Back Up Your Vital Data
    from Home/Office with Just-A-Click
  • Network Project and Analysis
  • Personalized Configurations
  • Data Restore from Crash
  • Istallation and Setup of Firewall & Antivirus
  • Disinfection from Virus, Trojan, Spyware, Adware,
    Trackers, Malware, Backdoor, Keylogger, Rootkit,
  • Max 40 Km. (25 mls.) from Sandy, UT

High Quality Programs since 1980 - Low Affordable Fees - Salt Lake City, Utah

Web Services Programming Classes R. A. C.     Rent-A-Coder
  • Web Site Project
  • Web Site Design
  • e-Commerce
  • SEO
Class of C  C++  PHP
Class of HTML  CSS  SQL
Class of Unix programming
Basic, Intermediate, Advanced PC use
Fees: $28 /h
Fees: $26 /h
Fees: $30 /h
Fees: $24 /h
Consultancy / Projects / C C++ PHP Programming Scripting:
Up to 50 hours
Between 51 - 150 hours
Between 151 - 250 hours
250 hours and up
$60. /hour
$55. /hour
$50. /hour
$45. /hour

Custom Firewalls - Routers - Switches - LAN - High Security

New Custom Firewalls New
Why spend $2,000+ for a Cisco corporate firewall? You can have a custom built firewall
tailored on your needing - more performant than a Cisco - for less than 50% of a Cisco !!
Available NOW in Salt Lake City - This website runs behind a self-built firewall [firewall statistics]
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mail to S L C dash P C J O B S at brionews dot com
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