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Current IT Job Openings in the Salt Lake Area & more...

Jobs for C C++ PHP SQL Apache BSD mySQL Unix Openbsd SysAdmin NetAdmin webmaster

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Jobs Openings Total: 20

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Jobs Openings Total: 38

Jobs Openings Total: 52

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If you are reading this page chances are you are unemployed. Which is not fun. Here, consider this.
  • Programming today is a race between software engineers striving to build bigger and better idiot-proof programs, and the Universe trying to produce bigger and better idiots. So far, the Universe is winning. -- Rich Cook
  • The most likely way for the world to be destroyed, most experts agree, is by accident. That's where we come in; we're computer professionals. We cause accidents. -- Nathaniel Borenstein
  • I love the way Microsoft follows standards. In much the same manner that fish follow migrating caribou. -- Paul Tomblin, alt.sysadmin.recovery
  • If the designers of X Windows built cars, there would be no fewer than five steering wheels hidden about the cockpit, none of which followed the same principles - but you'd be able to shift gears with your car stereo. Useful feature, that. -- Marcus J. Ranum, Digital Equipment Corporation
  • As soon as we started programming, we found to our surprise that it wasn't as easy to get programs right as we had thought. Debugging had to be discovered. I can remember the exact instant when I realized that a large part of my life from then on was going to be spent in finding mistakes in my own programs -- Maurice Wilkes discovers debugging, 1949
  • There are two major products that came out of Berkeley: LSD and UNIX. We don't believe this to be a coincidence. -- Jeremy S. Anderson
  • A Real Programmer can write FORTRAN in ANY language -- Anonymous
  • In a perfect world... spammers would get caught, go to jail, and share a cell with many men who have enlarged their penises, taken Viagra and are looking for a new relationship -- Anonymous

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